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Faith.  A Gift.  Paper.  Pencils.  Table.  Space...Simple.

Simply His Studio

...Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart

~Bible Author, Matthew

Our relationships and memories are precious. Inspired by the words above, and a mother's heart; Andrea at SimplyHisStudio seeks to create a personalized drawing that captures the essence of a special moment or person in one's life. That piece then allows the recipient to remember and ponder the love and memories of those cherished moments with them.


Andrea is committed to using her gift whole-heartedly to design a special piece for you. 


about the artist

Andrea began pencil and charcoal drawings in high schoool with thoughts to pursue art in college. A more practicial mindset prevailed, and her teen artwork was left behind on the walls of her childhood home.


Decades later, her own children noticed those pieces on a visit to their grandparents; asking why mom doesn't do artwork anymore. Curious to know if there was any talent left in her, she set out to make Christmas presents; drawing her children each doing something they love. Enthusiastically encouraged to keep creating, Andrea initiated a business capturing cherished memories in a timeless piece of art.

Andrea and her husband are active in their church and various leadership roles. When Andrea is not busy

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chauferring her two young teens to their activities or drawing to bless others, she enjoys cooking, travel, gardening with her husband, outdoor activities, reading and catching up with friends. She and her family live in the western suburbs of Chicago. 

Andrea is also a proud member withinher local business community.

Supporting small businesses allow our communities to thrive. 

living out her faith

Andrea has also recently authored a book released by Westbow Press called Life In Psalm – Live  Where Faith and Your Story Intersect.  Some of her drawings are featured in the book.  For more information about the book, take a peek at the promotional video here, and also check out Andrea’s book and blog at . 


Each photo is seen through the eyes of an artist. In turn, each drawing is created with a heart of love, and a desire to bring your memories to life. The design & creation of each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Every good and perfect gift is from above..."

                       ~Bible Author James

What People Are Saying

“Andrea has such a God given talent. We could not be happier with her work. It is such a wonderful way to preserve precious memories.”

K.J. - St. Charles, IL 


Let's talk

Geneva, IL 60134

Tel: 224-575-5783


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